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CharlzO 06-22-2013 09:12 PM

Suspension refresh double-check
Ok, just wanted a quick opinion on my checklist atm, before I hit the Submit button on my orders tonight.

Backstory: Car is at 140k miles, still mostly original parts from what I know of. Rear shocks were replaced, as were RSMs about 15k ago. However, noticed that the right side of the rear of the car sits about 1/2" lower than the drivers side, my guess is spring is worn/bad, as nothing else looks amiss at a glance. (which after further reading, seems like it's normal. Never noticed before lol). Either way, time to finally get some more done. So:

Ordering up a Street Edge coilover kit Monday morning. In preparation for that, however, I figure there are other parts I need to get. However, rather than buy a complete Susp Refresh kit from ECS (since I already have new RSMs and whatnot), I figured I'd piece together what I need, and see about saving a few bucks. Here's where I'm at, so please feel free to let me know what I'm missing so far:

Front Strut Mount x 2
Strut Reinforcement Plate x 2
Front Upper Spring Pad x 2
Front Lower Spring Pad x 2
Front Flat Washer x 2
Stut Bolt x 2
Self-locking Collar Nut x 12 (not sure how many I really need, but can't hurt to have extras?)

Rear upper Spring Pad x 2
Rear Lower Spring Pad x 2
Rear Shock Bolt x 2

Coilover kit shows end links included, I've already got Control Arms standing by for install. Doing Sway Bar bushings, tie rods, and RTABs in a few more weeks afterwards. But for the initial Coilover install, am I missing anything off-hand to allow that to go smoothly?

Thanks in advance (and I know there are a ton of threads out there on it, but figured it'd be easier to say "did I miss anything" and get someone who knows it firsthand to catch anything wrong, than it would be to try to compare and either still miss stuff, or get extras)

trj 06-22-2013 09:32 PM

Suspension refresh double-check
I think you have pretty much covered the basics on coilovers install.
I am doing the strut mounts again because I re used the one I already had. Now it's creaking.

You don't need the front spring pads though. The oem washer goes between the coils and strut mount. Thats all.
Also you can re use the upper rear spring pad in the lower side when installing coils.

I have the same coils so I know.
Endlinks will be included with the kit.

I am not sure about your plans but I held off the strut reinforcement plates because I plan to add strut brave in sometime.

However, if you have wheels that are more than 40 offset, you will rub the tires to the spring in the front. So if you have stock wheels then better get at least 5 mm spacers.

I am running 10mm at the front and 15mm spacers in the rear.

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trj 06-22-2013 09:33 PM

Suspension refresh double-check
Plus of you are going to DIY, get some power/air tools. Your life will be much easier.

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CharlzO 06-22-2013 09:41 PM

My step-brother's got a garage we're going to use for it (gonna be a lot easier indoors, on a nice concrete surface lol). Compressor and whatnot as well. I do have to measure my offset though on what I've got on it, I forgot what it was, and don't want to cut it too close. But I'd rather get the right ones first. I'll order those up separate after I get this order submitted through. I'll pull the trigger, and hopefully not have to hold off longer than I have to. Adding an oil change, and fuel filter as well, might as well get them out of the way. Thanks for your reply!

trj 06-22-2013 11:52 PM

Suspension refresh double-check
You should be able to knock the suspension job in no time if you have air tools.

Again, you won't need the spring perches for the front.

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