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peteclat 06-23-2013 09:09 PM

Buying a BMW 325cic
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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing a new to me '03 BMW 325cic, and I was wondering what I should look for as far as price. It has 112K miles, and it runs smoothly. The only thing is that the paint is scratched and there is one medium sized dent next to the right brake light. The interior is dirty with just nicked pieces of leather that aren't too big, and there is about a three inch long gash in the top right where the back and front window meet on the driver side. They're asking $7650, but I was think starting around $6500 because I'd have to repair so much body work on the car.


indoafro 06-23-2013 09:51 PM

Buying a BMW 325cic
just trying to help you, because i just purchase mine (325ci) 3 month ago
here, i list a few things that you might want to check it
oil leak fro valve cover
check the ac
check the vanos
check the cooling system
check the bushing
climate control sensor

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peteclat 06-23-2013 10:52 PM

Yeah, I took it to my mechanic, and he said that everything checked out mechanically. I'm just wondering about the the interior and exterior wear and tear.

Archbid 06-24-2013 11:30 AM

What is the KBB?

You only have to buy one car, and there are always other used cars that come along in that price range. If an owner won't pay the $800 it would take to get the dent out, you have to ask how finicky they were about the mechanical maintenance (also expensive). I am not saying that if you have a dent you are a lousy owner, but maintenance is maintenance.

I would not buy a dirty car with dents unless there were no clean, low-dent cars (after ten years there will be a ding or two). Look for a cleaner car, and lower your risk. It will take longer, but hopefully a few months is nothing compared to years of happy ownership.

aarondb4 06-24-2013 03:08 PM

I can't say for sure on that car but I will give you my experience for reference.

One month ago I bought a 2002 330CI Vert with 80,500 miles on it. I paid $8,300.

So far I have had to do the following to the car.
1. $150 detail, as the interior was very dirty, only one rip in the leather the typical on the driver seat bolster.
2. Bout a 6" gash in the top where someone knifed it. Got an upholstery shop to patch it for me for $50. Looks okay and got rid of the wind noise.
3. Replaced temp sensor.
4. Replaced FSR, as AC fan was not running smoothly, works good now.
5. Power steering resevoir gasket.
6. Valve cover gasket.
7. New shocks, went with a coil over kit.
8. Alignment.

This is what I have done so far. Needs some more work. The top of the engine looks clean as a whistle, the bottom is covered in oil. Thinking my OFHG is bad. Also I have a squeeky bearing in the front. Also my driver side batwing is destroyed, gotta do a repair there. Oh and the chrome wheels are nasty, pitted like mad, either need powdercoated or replaced.

Now, I give you all this info to say this. The car ran smooth, drove great and shifted smooth for the 20 minutes I test drove it. He was asking $8,900, I tried for $8k and ended up at $8,300. I am still happy with the purchase. I have done all the above work myself so I am only out the cost of parts. If you are going to do everything yourself like I am then I would not be worried about a 112k mile car if you can get a good price. I would not pay close to their asking price for that car. Too many miles. And I don't know how well you trust your mechanic but there are lots of things that need attention on a car this old. Has the cooling system been refreshed? That is next on my list. Even just the small stuff I have already done can add up in parts cost.

I would start at $6k for that car if you are comfortable with the car. Mine had 32k less miles and is the better 330 and I got it for $8,300 so I don't think you are out of line to start at $6k and see what happens.

xlspecial 06-24-2013 04:16 PM

Paid $7500 for a 2000 323Cic with 74K last month. Car is very clean other than the front seats going bad. Car was checked top to bottom before purchase and given a clean bill of health. According to Carfax the trans was replaced at 60K, which was actually a good selling point in my eyes.

1000 miles later the DSC light occasionally comes on and it has pulsed one of the front brakes a couple of times when driving straight down the road. Other than that no issues.

I'm happy with the purchase for now, and since it's not a daily driver (I have reliable GM's for that. :D ), the maintenance requirements for these things don't bother me much.

peteclat 06-24-2013 07:28 PM

Alright, yeah. I was think of starting somewhere around six, and seeing where that takes me because of the general dirtiness that the car has.

faber 06-25-2013 10:02 PM

FWIW, I bought a '03 325cic with 111K miles on it in the beginning of March for $7000. It had been sitting on the dealership's lot for over six months which is never a good thing for a vehicle. I immediately drove it over to the mechanic and dropped another $1500 on it to bring it up to snuff.

The mechanic owns a '02 version and he was pleased with its performance. It handles and drives as well as my ex's 2012 E350 Benz. Okay, maybe 95% as well but it has the added benefit of being paid off and her's won't be for years. ;-) The interior is fine, not great.

I was afraid it was going to be a money pit in terms of maintenance but the mechanic doesn't think so. Only time will tell. It *is* turning into a money pit for the mods/features I can do: bought an air deflector (a must!), a system to reconfigure the settings, a second FOB key; split side mirrors are next, then a nav unit. And those front/rear bumper sensor are looking mighty tempting but might be too much beyond my skill level!

The KBB for one in better condition was $7700, IIRC, so in the end, yeah, I over paid, but I freaking love this car and I've never really been into cars before this one.

peteclat 06-26-2013 12:06 AM

Yeah, I currently drive a e30 325ic, and I love it. I'm going to college next year in cambridge, MA, and I don't want to leave an e30 up in the salty NE air. Yours looks really nice in the picture though.

saxual328ci 06-26-2013 10:26 AM

You're in a high BMW area. They may not want to go that low. I know I've seen cars at the dealerships selling for $9-10k. This owner can easily take it to the dealer and sell for $7k and the dealer up it to $9k making a profit. I would try asking for $6500 and make your highest $7k.

peteclat 06-26-2013 12:54 PM

yeah, I've noticed that all the BMW's in the Baltimore area are rather expensive.

crudy 07-15-2013 08:40 AM

I bought a 2002 325cic in January of 2012 with 118,000 miles on it and paid $7,500. It had no major problems, but did have a lot of little things that needed fixing. If you are pretty handy and you research problems on forums like these, you can have fun fixing it up and save a fortune. I've put about $900 into it, but now it looks almost like new (except for a little road rash) and it is really fun to drive. I think your price strategy is good and you'll appreciate the car even more if you feel like you got a good deal. These are great "project cars" and parts are usually easy to find. Good luck!

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