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Hey Sillie,

I apologize in advance for coming into this one a little late.

Just wondering if I could ask you a quick question? I've got the winter package as well with those headlight washers. I've got a problem right now that I'm still trying to diagnose with my drivers side bulb not firing up properly from time to time. I needed new bulbs anyway, so I swapped those out, but it's still happening. Next step, per your instructions, is to try swapping out the ballasts (next easiest thing) to see if they're the culprit. I installed some Halos, so I'm pretty much a ninja at this point when it comes to pulling out the trim pieces along with the lens, etc, but I've never pulled out the entire light assembly itself. I want to get at the ballast, but from what I understand, I need to get underneath the light assebly in order to do so. There's that springy deal that works the headlight washer head that's holding it all in there that I just sort of disconnected loosely and left there on the side while I installed the halos. When I was done, I just slid it back out of the way so that I could slide the lens in, slid the lens back on, clipped that in, clipped the trim pieces back in, and I was off to the races.

If you undo all of the bolts and take out the headlight, what else do you have to take into consideration when you're taking off the washer version of the headlights? Is it as simple as crimping off and disconnecting a hose? That would just be too simple, so I'm assuming that's likely not the case.

I'm basically just looking for the simplest possible way of swapping out the ballasts on the washer version of the lights so that I can at least eliminate the ballast as a possible cause.
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