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Originally Posted by Camicia View Post
The original bolognese sauce (ragu') is made a little different, though. Briefly:

1)You start (like with many sauces for pasta) with what it's called "battuto" which means a fine chopped mixed of onion, celery and carrots which you put to simmer with EVOO. Usually no more than a clove of garlic is added (it depends on your taste, of course) but don't chop it or it will overpower the flavor of the "battuto".

2)when the onion is perfectly browned (careful no to burn it) you add the ground beef and finely chopped mortadella and let it cook for a while while adding some cloves. After a few minutes add some salt (which will make the beef loose its water) and pepper.

3) Once the meat has changed color you add a glass of white wine. One useful tip: when you add ingredients that are at a different temperature of what you are cooking in a pan (like wine and later tomato sauce in this case), try to create a space in the middle of the pan pushing the cooking mixture to the sides. then pour the cold ingredient in the middle of that "hole".

4) After a few minutes it is time to add the tomato sauce (actually, the original calls for tomato paste but I prefer to use crushed tomatoes). More salt and pepper and you are set.

5) Let it cook to taste (Usually the longer, the better).
this "bolognese" was a tuesday night quick dinner so i improvised to make it a "less than an hour to make" dinner, i do make it similar to the way you make it

onions, carrots and celery ..... then i take them out when its time to add the tomato paste/crushed tomatoes

the mortadella however..... never tried it using that, i'll try it next time, thank you!
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