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Was supposed to put in the M3 RTABs with Rogue Engineering shims today but ran out of time. Flexing both RTAB brackets with the original RTABs (half-casing) still felt very firm.

So I just installed the shims on the original RTABs just to check out the difference. What I noticed after installing the shims was that even with the RTAB bolt torqued to the spec 81 ft-lbs, with some force I could rotate the bracket around the RTAB unlike before. I noticed this while trying to do the 16mm bar (pre-loading) routine in the TIS and Bentley. So instead of the RTAB metal sleeve being fixed and unmovable relative to the bracket like before, the bracket and shims are now sliding/rotating against the RTAB rubber protrusions.

So basically it now acts like a bearing instead of a springy bushing. Is this the correct behavior for the shims or did I get ones that are a tad too thick and caused the bracket not to lock with the RTAB metal sleeve?
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