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I run BMW Motorsport housing PN - 11 41 7 740 923. Then a Setrab Oil cooler and some -10 lines. I use the filter housing because it has -10 fittings on it and the Setrab Oil Cooler because BSR carries them on their truck at every GA race. As for the -10 lines, I can make those up in the field. The Oil Cooler is mounted behind the radiator for a number of reasons. Main reason is because it's protected quite well and so far has lasted many seasons. One other reason, is because it is mounted in such a way to make engine changes much easier. It's not the cheapest way but it works for me and offers ease of service when I'm at the track. Plus, my fully dressed spare motor is plumbed for this, which saves me a boatload of time on engine changes. So far, my personal record is 2 hours and 35 minutes.
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