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Originally Posted by Estoril-E46 View Post
Awesome, any pics of the process? I assume that is a non dimming mirror, what was the PN on it? I'm going to get one of the ones with the compass and home link integrated to replace the normal one. Doubt that would leave room for this.

I'm guessing he just disabled the light itself based on what he was doing.
I will post a DIY for hiding the ses light shortly. The mirror was originally an auto dimming mirror but I messed the glass up in the process of learning how to etch off the silvering on the back of the mirror. I went through 5 mirrors getting it to look perfect and then decided I didn't like the appearance with a traditional mirror. A friend of mine owns a glass business and he fabricated a new mirror for me from a sheet of (very expensive) one way glass. This is the only way to make the gauges fully disappear when they are off. My car is tinted and the new mirror is just slightly less relective than the oem mirror and so far I haven't noticed anyone's headlights bothering me at all. I was also able to preserve the auto brightness function, which is very important.. it dims the led's at night and turns them up bright in daylight so you can see them.

Here's a picture of the gauge behind an oem mirror. The cutout for the gauges is always there and imo looks bad this way.

You can see here the new glass completely hides the gauges when they are off. I have considered adding a switch to turn the led's off when they aren't needed. When the gauges are on the only thing visible is the led's and 7 segment displays that are illuminated. Everything else is still a mirror.

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