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DIY: Disabling the SES light

This is a 15 - 20 minute max project.

If there's gauges on your steering column you are going to need to adjust them as far forward as possible to allow room for the instrument cluster to come out.

Lower your steering wheel all the way and pull it out as far as it will go and relock it in place. Place a towel on top of your steering column to prevent scratching the front of the instrument cluster.

Remove the two torx 20 screws at the top of the cluster

Pull out gently and the cluster will rotate forward

Remove the banana shaped plastic piece from the cluster by pressing down on the tabs on each side and pulling forward

Pull the cluster forward and rest it face down on the steering column

Remove the two wiring harnesses from the back of the cluster as illustrated

Once the connections are free slide the cluster out carefully

Lay the cluster face down on a soft towel and remove the 4 torx 10 screws

Once the screws are out the gray cover will lift right off

Remove the two small knobs from the front of the cluster, they will pull right off with little effort

Turn the cluster face down again and gently lift internal circuit board out of the cover and lay it back down facing up. Remove the black cover by sliding a small flat screwdriver or something similar under the cover and gently lifting at the two points illustrated until it comes off

The led that we are going to block is circled

Cut a small piece of dense black foam that is slightly larger than the hole with the led and stuff it in making sure it is a nice snugg fit so that no light will seep through.

Put everything back the way it came out and you are finished.

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