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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Kritikal- ARP sells a head stud kit for the M54.

So.. that leaves us with the drivetrain. I know that Clutch Masters has a stage 4 clutch, but I'm not sure what the holding capacity is. I also don't know what the capability of the axles is. Are they the same as the M3?
The studs don't stretch, they actually stretch the threads in the block, making it un-usable.

Benvo lifted the threads out of the block at ~450whp.

You guys want to get 400+rwhp, it's not going to happen with a custom kit for anywhere near the price of a bolt on SC/turbo kit. A lot of these threads have been popping up, but people need to realize that this motor is not the best starting point for high HP. It's much more cost effective to sell the e46 and either get an e46 M3, or an e36 where the power levels you're looking for are easily achieved. As of now, for $7k you can get 300-340rwhp... which is noticeably more than "most stock performance cars" in the same market. Add FI cams and, meth, and maybe up boost a bit, and a solid 360rwhp is there to play with. Rocky just dyno'd 388whp with an SC kit, really not bad at all.
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