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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Activ3- If it was about sheer power, I wouldn't drive a BMW. Hell, for the amount I spent upgrade from my LT1 Z28 to the 330Ci I could've had 800whp in the Camaro..but it had 160k miles, no AC, and only 2 working speakers. The BMW is a huge upgrade to say the least. And while the Z28 could actually put down that 800whp, it couldn't really handle. It wasn't bad, but the steering rack alone on the 3'er is 1000x better.

A lot of you seem to be thinking that a turbo kit will cost much more than what you've seen on TT or anywhere else. The fact is.. the whole point of a custom kit is that it is less expensive to make. You don't spend all of that effort building to pay more money. Tuning shops scare you with up front costs because they need to build these kits on a massive scale and test them endlessly. If they told you custom tuning a kit was a better solution, they wouldn't be very good at what they do, would they? That isn't to say it's always a better solution, but if you can do it, it will certainly be more cost effective.. and will probably put out more power.

Now that I think about it, 400whp would probably be more than enough power. The nice thing about getting a turbo to make that much is that you don't risk daily driveability like with a supercharger. Near-stock power is a turn of a knob away. Obviously the supercharger has its advantages as well, but getting stock mileage, and still being able to whoop up on a 350Z at a moments notice is always nice.

I'm going to do some research and keep you guys posted on whether or not the stud problem can be fixed.
Trust me, you will get use to the 400rwhp on a 330 very quickly. Since you are after the HP race, how can you say that 400rwhp is enough power when you are comparing the 800rwhp Camaro you could have built in your garage?

The stud problem is that if you use the ARP studs, they are simply too hard and will pull the threads in the head out. The OEM head bolts allow it to stretch with the soft Al block.

If you want, you can buy the extra M54 block I have that is already time-serted and you can R&D a kit to sell. It even comes with brand new OEM pistons.

I was able to whoop on stock 350Z in my older setup.
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