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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Maybe from what you've heard, but I have heard everything from the head lifting to the block cracking.
I'm just curious who you heard of the head lifting from, because the data I have says we aren't producing enough cylinder pressure to achieve this. (Yet)

I suspect I may be the only person to see over 400rwtq on an M54...and my head hasn't lifted.

The only cracked blocks I know of are from over-reving an engine.

It is true that the M54 aluminum block has a potentially weaker structure than that of an iron block of similar design. But, this is only from a metalurgical point of view, and may not apply to this application. The only way to find out is to start stepping up the power ladder and taking carefull measurements along the way.

BTW, do you have deep pockets? This "ladder" isn't cheap.
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