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Originally Posted by Activ3 View Post
Notice the comparison cars I mentioned were also bmw's, that in stock form would outhandle the 330, and would also make more power for the $$. Also please explain how a supercharger risks daily driveability? Myself and many others on here have been running our SC kits for 30k+ miles A 323/325 with a $4000 SC kit will beat up on a stock 350z, and 328/330s will walk them HARD... ask me how I know. A custom kit would end up costing more $ and time than it's worth IMO, and that's even if you can find someone willing to tune your hardware.

As Brian stated, the problem isn't with the studs, it's with the threads in the block. I know of a particular car being built right now, hoping to get 450+rwhp with the b30 + turbo. It isn't going to be cheap, but it'll definitely be interesting to see how it turns out.

Adam's motor is an exception. It's not in our league anymore lol.
I wanna try this race (please note others in thread, HR Z >> DE Z, 2003-2006 = DE, 2007-2008 = HR). I'm 99% sure I'd take Stan, it should be a decent race, but I still think I'd have an advantage ona b25 running 8 psi or less

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