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You have 7 mains, the real weakness in the lower half of the engine is the pistons, with the factory rods being next. The crank is good to tons and tons of power. As an example, guess what previous generation 3 series engine capable of well over 700 whp shares the same crank....

The factory rods aren't bad, but the 3.0 has a lot of rod angle because of the "long" stroke and low deck height. Thus you really do need a beefier rod when you start making some serious power. However, $500 gets a set of Eagles if you manage to fail the factory rods (which aren't weak by any means). I'd be more concerned with finding a good head lift solution (they are out there), and proper tuning solution. The rest is just putting together parts.

Also, exhaust ports really will limit you, the M54 head doesn't exactly flow like a champ.

And David/Gio, that is mostly because Stan rode with me and went "crap, you're gonna walk me."

I still wanna run and see, Enzo just needs to get his car back together now.

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