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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Noice.. so it sounds like the M54 can be pretty capable. As I've said, it won't compete with the iron-blocked M3, but it's not as weak as some of the rumors floating around.

With a little more info hopefully we can sticky this so in the future guys aren't afraid to throw over 400 ponies at this or make assumptions that it can only take 340hp at the crank.

I guess the next question is when the rods start to give out. Essentially, with a rebuild this motor can take 450 at the crank? Also we've yet to mention any of the drivetrain components.. where did you guys get your clutches or upgrade your autos if that's the case?
Uh, at 400rwhp, you are about at 470bhp. Am I missing something here?

Typical s/c kits for 330 are 360bhp.

I just have Clutchmasters clutch, but a lot of people hate it because it screeches. HIGHLY doubt the auto can even hold that much. I blew mines out on my older setup.
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