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Originally Posted by Girmis View Post
First, I wanted to say thank you for Greg. I believe if not you, this issue would be my own fight. I am amazed with your customer service. You contacted leatherique even tho I did not order leather treatment from you (I ordered directly). I have my own business and I understand that selling the same product as others the only difference is customer service. You earned a lifelong customre here. Thank you

Second, Leatherique. Started with cleaning leather seat, now I will be a seat painter, restorer. Something I never wanted to do. Oh well, always the first time. Thank you for you call, I hope whatever you are sending me will fix my seat. George, it looks like you take your time to write emails, all of them quite long and full of explanations, just when I am frustrated it is hard to compare my leather seats and my girlfriends' skin....

I will post pictures before and after, hopefully will make some leather dying diy guide. It seems like fun weekend project ... or not.
Thank you for your understanding and I'm glad we could help you get some solid information about the situation. I look forward to hearing about your results when you get time. Take care!

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