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Originally Posted by KriTiKaL AspecT View Post

Cast iron is always better unless your conserving weight in a na motor. That heat is what you want.
Sorry I should clarify. Aluminum HEADS are better for keeping detonation at bay. Block material not as critical in that respect.

Originally Posted by KriTiKaL AspecT View Post
Heat is what...? Energy... it increases pressure which drives the turbo. There are other routes to lower charge temps without sacrificing the turbo.
Thats not how you do it. You MUST keep the charge temps down because fuel will ignite on its own (without the spark) if the temps are too high. Thats where octane comes in. Higher octane fuel is not better, it doesnt have more energy, it is just more stable at higher temperatures.... so you can run more boost, more compression, and higher temps. Even then that fuel has a limit.

If you keep the charge temps down then you can run more boost and thats where you build power. You have to remember the engine materials and fuel have physical limits under which they are controllable and will operate properly.

Originally Posted by KriTiKaL AspecT View Post
Its just that it don't take rocket science to construct your own. Which is how this will have to be approched.
Yes but what concerns me the most is the ecu control and integration into existing systems. That is VERY difficult to get right without dumping the stock engine controls and going stand alone.
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