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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
I actually have no idea what you are saying. Something about punching steel?
Other people understood the analogy in that materials alone do not make a strong engine.

Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Most companies, even with performance cars, are indifferent how much power the engine can make with the stock block. That explains why some cars, like the 2JZ and 03/04 Cobra motor can take 800whp stock, and some - like the LT1, have hyperpeutic pistons that can only take ~400whp stock. However, my Z28 had 160,000 hard miles and it started every time.
I fail to see what your old Camaro starting has anything to do with an engines physical ability to hold power levels far past stock.

Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Google intercoolers and methanol injection. Those help lower IAT's.
I dont need to google anything since what I know what I am talking about.

Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
. But from my standpoint all you're doing is nitpicking my post with invalid points.
I was pointing out your wrong statements and incorrect conclusions.
I was also made an effort to be really nice about how I worded things.. and I am usually not. It is ok to be wrong sometimes and your ego should step back and let your mind lead.

It is obvious from your posts that you have little engineering and design background. There is nothing wrong with that but if you insist on arguing incorrect points about things you know little about then I am going to get annoyed and stop being nice.
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