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Originally Posted by BimmerDude18 View Post
LOL, Ritos, no offense, but if you actually posted all the info from your setup, instead of being cryptic all the time, people might have a better appreciation for your car.

I know you're trying to keep things a little private, and appreciate that, but if the car is running strong and you've got the tune mostly solved you should post it up, I troll bf.c FI, and if I missed it there my apologies, but I've yet to see a build thread from you.

None of us can really know what your car is doing if you don't post it....
First off everything about my car from the good to the bad has been posted all over the place. Secondly i am not being cryptic about anyones build and probably their biggest supporter. Thirdly, I have done a lot to try and test these motors and show all the negatives and positives of what i was doing. Didn't hide anything about what i was doing. It was the lack of support I have gotten on the forum with all the attacks on me because i didn't know anything but who reached out to help. Everyone seems to know more about my car than I do. Bimmerforum has a lot of useful information but I was tired of all the attacks i was getting when I was trying to use the forum for help. I ask one question and got attacked about something else so there was no need to keep beating a dead horse. Some of it could have been a miscommunication on my part or just people who think they know everything. Not going to debate that.

My car.
2004 530i E60 with M54B30 MS45.1 6 speed manual
Custom Wizard of Nos nitrous system(Direct Port) done years ago, Stage III+ race clutch and light weight flywheel(suppose to handle 1500lbs of torque), Snow Performance Methanol/Water Injection kit w/boost juice and nitro, Innovated Wideband LC1 and OTR-1 data logging. My motor was built by a race company out in Texas (one of the builders frequent the forums) The block was bore .5mm with JE forged pistons 8.5:1 Eagle rods super tech valve job ported and polished head and flow tested 253 ARP head studs stock head gasket, Jim Blanton LSD Diff 3.91 gears, universal STS rear mounted turbo system (T4OE T4 P-TRIM 60-1 .68 A/R W/turbine design specially to be ran in the rear of the car), since my car comes with a bigger brake system i basically only changed to race pads, has factory upgraded suspension/sway bars but no other upgrades with chassis that i know of from the factory. The rear mounted turbo system wasn't ideal for most tuners so most of them are reluctant to help. My first tune was by upsolute(which they only pull files and upload files and the tuning was done by professionals in Europe(Austria using EVC hardware) this was a basic N/A tune, then i had a nitrous tune from them (several as i was upgrading the jets weekly) when i decided to go turbo they done my initial tune but for only 24lb injectors and upping the fuel pressure, which i was at this point changing things on the car on a weekly basis and each time driving the car 3 hours to have them pull the tune off the DME(on my car it could not be flashed at the OBD II port so the DME had to be removed each time) this got old for me so when I installed the newly built motor I just had a AEM FIC wired in by a AEM Master tech but he did not tune the car. I had to learn the basics(not that i am good at it) and installed some 42lb injectors that i got used from Jon on bimmerforum. After about 2 weeks of road tuning the car ran really well and strong. I did not do any dyno testing so no proof of that. I got word there was a dyno day three hours away and everyone wanted me to bring the car along. One of my friends owned a M3 (stock basically with exhaust) and love to race. Lots of footage and caravan videos that I never upload or posted anywhere. Anyway, the night before I decided i wanted to run my larger injectors which are 630cc. i did the install and used the software to just do a injector percentage upgrade on the tune and drove the car three hours but I had my laptop making as much changes while in route. Once getting there i knew the tune was off but i didn't have time to adjust around this as i kept blowing off the charge pipe work after intercooler and making stops to fix that. Anyway, I had no intention to dyno the car but by the end of the day my friends thought i should see where i am at with the tune as my buddy thought the car was running strong and I was smoking everyone on the trip. Keep in mind I haven't spray my high powerful nitrous system since starting the turbo project so that wasn't giving me the extra power. After everyone was done dyno-ing the owner ask me if i would so yes i did it. The dyno was a dyno Dynamics dyno that reads fairly low but that wasn't as important as seeing where i was at. After the first run the car was way lean but still made 321rwhp(377rwhp on a dynojet dyno) so I ask could i use my laptop to up the fuel before even making another run. I was taught to make baby steps so i did a 40% fuel add which on the second run was 339rwhp(398rwhp on a dynojet dyno) so a gain of 18rwhp but the car was still lean. I realize the methanol system was not on so I basically just turned it on but there was now something wrong with it activating. so same results. I must have knocked something loose while fixing the charge pipes driving up. Anyway that was my last run so from this point on I had to tune the car on the way back. I did not feel safe driving back the car without checking everything and adjusting the tune. I had a dyno sheets only to go off with my in car wideband. I told my friends to go ahead as i want to check everything before heading back. Found another boost leak and notice the wire connected to the maf harness(this is for the methanol kit) was pulled off so reconnected that. Hooked up my laptop and made the changes i felt I needed to make for a safe drive home. I even turned down the boost controller as well as adjust the maps, after about 1 hour and half into the trip the car started responding awesomely. I was like now why couldn't this happen on the dyno LOL I was 30 minutes from home when this new model Porsche heard me pass by as the turbo was singing all the way. I was probably cruising about 75mph when he came chasing me down. I did not want to race him but he insisted. I felt like this big car no matter how much power it made had no chance against the twin turbo Porsche. Well little did i know down shifting to 4th and flooring it's sent me two car length in front of him. he following me all the way in just so he could ask what i had under the hood. He was surprise of the car response and surely did not think a rear mounted turbo was in the picture. So in spite of what others say and the last dyno's i posted I know the car is running pretty damn good. This was a year ago and nothing with the setup has changed just tweaking things. I have been running the stock MAF plumbed into the charge pipe right before the TB and Not sure if it's safe to turn up the boost any further before upgrading the MAF (it's just commonly done but not sure if it's needed yet) The problem with that, no one will share with me which MAF but I now don't need this as i have a solution that's far better than what's being used and will solve the issues others are having regardless which system on your car.
They only reason i haven't done much more with the cars I am reluctant to go any further with the car unless i have a professional over look the system to make sure it's safe to go further. Also, with this economy I have ran out of money to play so the car has not been driven. Not because there is something wrong with it. So unless any knowledgeable guys are willing to donate their time to help me out it will stay parked. What I do know is the car will make more than 400rwhp if not already. If i wanted to just stay where i am at now and spray the hell out of it with nitrous i could do that but that was not my goal from the start and not my goal now. I built my motor/car for the intended purpose of testing the limits of the M54B30. I am not an expert at much, I do not log my work like our buddy Adam who has done well at posting up information and detailing everything he has done. I don't have the facility and equipment accessible to me to do anything out side of what i already done.
So, there you have it and no one can not say I didn't tell everyone about my build because the information is out there for everyone to see. The threads are not a great example due to i spend most of the time defending what i have done and how I have done it. Again, there are a few out there who think they know more about my car than i do but I don't think there is nothing but a handful of guys in the world that can say for sure if the M54B30 is up for the task which none of us are done yet.

Rito Brisbane

530i E60 Custom Turbo/Nitrous (PSI_unknown)
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