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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
There are tons of 330 owners out there who want to boost their cars, but don't want to pay $7,000-8,000 for a kit that puts out moderate power. It's a good increase, sure, but most stock performance cars will still beat a boosted 330.
I think it was totally worth it. Especially when I pulled a 5th gen stage 2 AA SC e46 M3. Granted, by pulled, I'm talking inches, we hung together every run. I don't know how much power I was making, but it was elevated boost with meth. Since then, my meth controller caught fire, I replaced it, it messed with the MAF output, when they give me a refund I'll tell which controller not to buy. But the SC stageII from Active is hardly stock, and the M3 is a performance car. And the TT kit is only $6900.

Originally Posted by ritos530i View Post
2004 530i E60 with M54B30 MS45.1 6 speed manual
Custom Wizard of Nos nitrous system(Direct Port) done years ago, Stage III+ race clutch and light weight flywheel(suppose to handle 1500lbs of torque), Snow Performance Methanol/Water Injection kit w/boost juice and nitro, Innovated Wideband LC1 and OTR-1 data logging. My motor was built by a race company out in Texas (one of the builders frequent the forums) The block was bore .5mm with JE forged pistons 8.5:1 Eagle rods super tech valve job ported and polished head and flow tested 253 ARP head studs stock head gasket, Jim Blanton LSD Diff 3.91 gears, universal STS rear mounted turbo system (T4OE T4 P-TRIM 60-1 .68 A/R W/turbine design specially to be ran in the rear of the car), Again, there are a few out there who think they know more about my car than i do but I don't think there is nothing but a handful of guys in the world that can say for sure if the M54B30 is up for the task which none of us are done yet.
I salute you, Ritos.
I am myself undertaking a similar project. At the core of my turbo kit is a TT stage 1. Nick has been great at providing tuning as my project escalates and I test the limits of the stock M54b30. I've had some bad luck with my motor as it is a used junk-yard motor. I think it suffered most of its wear sitting... perhaps outside. Anyway, the ring damage is obvious. Despite that, the car still runs very healthy and gets great mileage. Venting the crankcase has its downsides, though- this is something I've done to continue to run my damaged engine, not something anyone should do, ever. When you're exhausting combustion gasses under the hood, sometimes it crawls up the AC.
So now, I am building an engine very similar to yours. I am utilizing an unusual alternative to anchor the head, steel inserts (pics to come), no aluminum threads. 8.5-9:1 compression, eagle rods, a slightly larger ball bearing turbo on the TT bottom-mount cast manifold. My machine work will be undertaken by Jim Higgs of JB racing. He currently already has my original motor, of which the crank cannot be reused. DOES ANYONE HAVE A 89.6mm CRANK FOR SALE, CHEAP?!

I'm excited to see the progress of your car, do you have a way of measuring assessing knock?

01 330cit-92 s13c-99 328i/5-04 x5/6

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