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Originally Posted by BimmerDude18 View Post
Well, its "less efficient," you have 20' of extra oil lines, and the distance means that you have let your exhaust cool some before reaching the turbo, so you've lost some of the exhaust energy here.

The efficiency arguement comes in because you run a smaller turbo in the rear (typically) to make up for energy losses on the engine side of the exhaust housing, as a result, when you run higher boost and CFM levels, the turbo is a bit small...
Ok, first off, how long the oil lines are have nothing to do with anything. The pressure in BMW oil systems is so high it makes no difference. Besides with turbos you need very little oil to keep them cooled.
I understand that the exhaust gases may not be as hot as it would be when exiting the head as appose to in the rear of the car. Still doesn't justify how much energy you need to make a turbo spool which this has more to do with the turbine wheel than anything else and a real rear mounted turbo are configured for this exact purpose. You can't take just any turbo and stick it in the back and think it's going to give you the same results. I could have had my turbo configured to spool just like any front mounted system. I have this high powerful nitrous system and don't see the point with the early spool.
As for the size, Sorry but you are wrong again, I have the smallest turbo that STS makes and it's rated at over 600+bhp which is not a small turbo at all. Small turbos are 300-450rwhp max.

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