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Originally Posted by BimmerDude18 View Post
I've seen actually comparisons between setups on the Z's.

My point was this, STS runs a smaller exhaust turbine to keep the spool RPM's down some. This means that at high CFM (read high load high RPM) the exhaust housing is a larger restriction, read less efficient. They then run a decently large intake housing so that they can make more power.
This is true and i talked with them about this and they wanted me to upgrade to the larger exhaust housing. This was only done because of the bmw and 350z have smaller motors and it's an assumption that the larger housings would cause lag. I just did not feel comfortable upgrading the housing as I am fine with the system just like it is and how well it respond.
This results however, in the turbo being less efficient at higher power levels, than a turbo with a larger exhaust housing (which if placed at the manifold would spool about the same).

As for oil lines - long oil lines just mean more potential areas for leaks, more oil in the system, and more work to get it set up. It works fine, but its something to consider.

You get that heat point out from the engine bay, which is huge, but in turn, you pull fresh air from a low point on the car, so driving in the rain can be more dangerous.
Rain is not an issue and it's no more than what you would get with the filter at the front of the car. Most of the setups have the filter located in the rear fender keeping it away from the ground
Like I said, I'm not anti rear mount, I'm impressed by how they are doing on the Z's, and if there was a better tuning option than reflash (long story on why I say this) for my car I'd be a bit psyched about putting one in myself. The tuning becomes cost prohibitive quickly though.
I debated about the STS turbo for a long time before deciding to go that route. I was at a dyno day spraying my nitrous system when this guy pulls up in a 350z and i saw the turbos mounted in the back. I never seen them up close before until that moment so I told the guy i was undecided and if he would take me for a ride in his Z. Well that car spooled somewhere between 2900-3000rpms and scared the crap out of me with how powerful it was with two 200+lbs guys riding in such a little car. 1st 2nd, and 3rd gear was just enough to convince me. I got home and the next day I ordered the system. If i had to do it again i would. I would never want to run a front mounted setup on my car period. But that's just from my personal preference.

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