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Originally Posted by Attaus View Post
Nice man I'm glad you like it. But in your sig it looks like you only gained .3 seconds off the 1/4 mile? You might want to swap that cam for a boost profile.. something with no overlap will increase your gains.
My best time Naturally Aspirated time at Bithlo (the worst track ever) is a 14.1@96. I picked up 11mph, with a worse launch, on the wastegate spring. When NA, I once went to Bithlo on a wed night, ran 14s all night. Then, I went to Gainesville that Saturday and never ran worse than a 13.8, improving with every run, running up to 100mph trap. ET has VERY LITTLE to do with output when compared, say, with trap speeds. The trap speed is like a dyno on the cheap. 107 on 7psi, no meth at a horrible drag strip, managing to never pull better than a 2.1 60', I consider an absolute success. I really wanted to run my car at Gainesville, and a few days after I went to Bithlo, I went to Gainesville, but it got rained out, I still have my rain check. That night, it dried up a bit and I ran right outside the dragstrip, the flattest ground in Gainesville, and pulled a 110.8mph and several 110.5+'s trap with a 220lbs passenger on his performance box. With meth and elevated boost, my car was quick, I think that on a gracious dyno, I could see over 400whp. On a mustang, I think around 350-360. .3 seconds means i didn't pull a 1.8 60' that took me to 13.6's, i was launching in the 2+ sec range.

Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
Are you guys 100% sure that they're installed correctly? I know I don't have to tell you that it's super simple to screw up a cam install on these cars. That just doesn't make sense.

And please tell me those wheels are going on your car
Irish Mike's has built many, many m54s, in his class he holds the record lap time at Sebring with a e46 325i. I trust that his cam install is correct, it throws no codes and allows vanos to play around, unlike the 264/248 setup. I still think that the 264/248 setup wasn't bad for turbo apps. It still remains to be tested.

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