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Originally Posted by BimmerDude18 View Post
Convince him to join me wednesday (at Bithslow again, but its better than nothing).
best case scenario in my current setup: I trap 110... I care not at all about ET at bithlow... I also need to replace my guibo and balance my driveshaft. MY 6speed driveshaft is off balance, it threw away a 3 month old guibo, I don't care how much torque i'm making, HPF cars don't throw theirs.

What I have learned about guibos: e36 M3 and e46 M3 guibo, same part number, and $10 cheaper than a nonM guibo. I got the M part, for poker run I will not have my driveshaft rebalanced, but shortly thereafter, it takes almost 10 days to send it to california and get it back

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