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I read like half of the first page so far cause theres a **** load of reading. Anyway when i take medium fast turns my car reachs its max then the back kicks out and then its like the whole car starts sliding to the outside. I wanna say it understeers but its not like the understeer i know. Same thing though.

And thats with DSC completely off. That might have been because of my shitty continetals. Ive got dunlop direzza going on tomorrow. so ill let you guys no whats up then. But i think i need a rear bar on the stiffer side and a medium front

Is that correct?

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It's great threads like this that keep me from ditching this forum

Mr Paddle.Shift: that was an excellent explanation! They should force people to read your posts before they can register!
Whatd you get for the ticket in your sig?
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