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Originally Posted by ari00 View Post
I don't know. By no means am I doubting the results of the study, nor do I ever doubt JPR, but I beat the living snot out of my motor. Almost 125k miles on it, and it pulls like the day I bought it. I've replaced the gasket seal twice and did the VANOS seals recently too. Everything looks and is near sludge/carbon buildup, and all 6 cylinders pumped out near perfect #s in a compression test. My oil's been changed between 3-6k miles, and I have no doubt I'll get well over 200k miles out of it. While I understand and respect the test, I don't think I can be persuaded to change my ways. Not because I think I'm right and they're wrong, but just because what I've been doing works fine for me.
This is why the service indicator counts mileage based on fuel consumption, not actual mileage. Harder driving = less mpg = more frequent oil changes.

BMW may not be a perfect car company, but they're way ahead of you on this.
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