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Originally Posted by Renboy View Post

If they had an extra 0 on the price tag and a KW sticker on them I guarantee you wouldn't have posted that.
Lol, I am very critical. In that case, I would call them outrageously priced pieces of shite.

Either way, it's really hard to make good suspension. And it is really easy to just throw together some cheap parts and make totally crappy suspension. At $300 for coilovers, there is no way there could be any bit of quality. Just look at at set of H&R lowering springs for an E46. They are around $220 just for the springs. A single Bilstein Sport strut is around $220 as well. So with 4 springs, and 1 strut, you are already spending way more money than that set of coilovers. Those coilovers should be more expensive as they should have a lot more work involved with making them such as researching how strong each part needs to be, the factor of safety, testing ideal spring rates with the car they are being installed on, etc...

From personal experience, something that is too good to be true usually is. I have learned the hard way with my suspension as well as all the lighting modifications on my car. I went cheap the first time, realized how crappy everything was and that I essentially downgraded my car, and then having to spend even more money replacing it with nicer parts.

I'm willing to bet money that those coilovers will perform horribly and last only a very short time.

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