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Originally Posted by danielkspencer View Post
I had a set of 1/2 worn out tires on the back and new ones on the front. I rotated them out today to save my new ones. Now if I go into a curve a little quick my warning light flashes on my dash for my stability control. The tires aren't that worn out by any means and I never had this problem a month ago when they were on the front before I got the new ones and moved them to the back.
You said the car doesn't drive any differently, but have you noticed when the DSC light flashes? During braking/turn in? Or at a steady side load with steady throttle? Or when you're really on the throttle and accelerating through or out of the corner?

Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
Isn't this obvious? Now you have the more worn tires on the back, it's not holding traction as well...thus more DSC...

Good call noob. Except:

#1 - The new tires are now on the back.

#2 - Unless they're ridiculously aged or abused, the worn tires will grip better than the new ones on dry pavement. Less tread = shorter tread blocks = less tread deflection and more contact patch stability = better adhesion on dry pavement.

#3 - We don't know which corner or axle the DSC is activating in order to babysit. It's entirely possible the computer senses impending excessive slip angle at the front. Without driving the car or better info from OP, we don't know if the thing is trying to control understeer or oversteer.

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