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Originally Posted by ///Mack View Post
hehe did you actually read the thread? or just jump on the bangwagon?
i said in the thread that i was simply asking about the amount of female members.. i have been on car forums all over the web over the past 13 years of car ownership and have seen boards with lots of women, some with no women at all and some with kinda 50/50... all i wanted to know was what the lay of the land was on E46Fanatics... believe me i do not need a dating website, i think picking women up on the net is sad and have thankfully never needed to resort to that....
You are still posting in the wrong forum.... this is the "General e46 forum" for asking general questions about .............. you guessed it! E46's ! Not who drives them.

You are looking for the off topic section.
The word "there" can appear as a pronoun, as in “over there."

"Their" is a possessive pronoun. In a phrase like “Susan and Bill's car,” it could be used to to make a new phrase: “their car.”

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Extra Credit: It's "I'm looking for an M3"
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