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Originally Posted by bluedemon007 View Post
Hell o,
I'm having the same problem.... I didn't have a spare, so i ended up purchasing a new key.... $200 beans later, the doors, not the trunk will open using the key. Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas?
Takes 1 minute. Go to your car right now, make sure it's locked. Unlock it, get in, close the door, put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the point all the dash lights come on but DON'T start the car. Then turn the key back and take the key out. Now hold the unlock button and press the lock button 3 times while you hold the unlock button, then after you have pressed it 3 times, let go of the unlock button. The doors will lock and unlock to show it has been initialized, if you have a 2nd key, follow the same procedure but you just do the button sequence, you don't put the key into the ignition.
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