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dabears progress thread

Hey, I've posted a bunch of stuff on this forum so I figured I might as well make a documented post where people can see my gains and comment, really helps me stay motivated. I'll update it every friday, this is when I weigh myself in the morning and is the end of my workout cycle. I'm very new to working out.

Here's the workout:

I use dumbbell workouts for chest (easier to do without a spotter, my left side is weaker etc etc) otherwise everything is the same.

Whenever the reps go down, I put more weight on. I've done this workout solid for 2 weeks now (the week before it was only 2 days not 4), and have noticed increased strength in all areas.

I weigh myself every friday morning after a piss, seems to give consistent results. 05/28 is the start... and the BF % is obviously wrong, I'm using it for + / -.

05/28 : 173.8 / 16.9% BF / 56.6% Water Weight
06/05 : 175.2 / 17.0% BF / 56.6% Water Weight
06/12 : 178.4 / 17.1% BF / 56.6% Water Weight

Seems like the diet is working well.


I'll post this pic, only one I really have before I started working out (From a vacation about a month ago). I'll post good pictures soon... every two weeks should be good?

Anyways the more I go on the more motivated I get, I can't wait to get to the gym today
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