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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
yea they are saying that if you already paid for the repair, you can still file a claim and get your some or all of your money back.
I got my letter yesterday and it's basically saying that I can get reimbursed for any repair that has already been done to my subframe (obviously there is limit and stuff). But I am thinking that since my shop (RRT in NoVa) already told me that I needed a subframe repair and their quote to fix it (basically take it off and weld it back in) is pretty low (around $1,500), I am thinking that I'll just go ahead and do it and make sure that I get a separate receipt for the subframe repair and hopefully I can get them to note that the car was stock before the subframe had been repaired. I am not sure how many on this board have had this done and are planning to get reimbursement from BMW.
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