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thanks everyone!!

Originally Posted by pnoyaballer View Post
sick jer! what happened to the mini you were lookin at?
i think im just gonna end up keeping this. i already have all the mods i want to do.

Originally Posted by Studdly_Studright View Post
it's going to drive you crazy to drive it around stock haha I can't wait to see it modded
haha word

Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
sick, Jer..Congrats..
so, you dont wanna get a mini anymore?
i think im gonna keep this one man.

Originally Posted by Allure View Post
Did you sell your E46?
yep. shes sold man

Originally Posted by bimmerchop View Post
I'm already picturing in my head where you're gonna go with this new project Jer... I've got a feeling you won't disappoint

hit me up on aim, ill tell you my plans.

Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT View Post
Don't hate 1.8t > 323ci (puts flame suit on )

Now if Audi only made RWD
haha WORD. ill miss my 323 though for sure.

rwd would be nice. but AWD aint too bad

Originally Posted by m3on20z View Post
Hmmmmmm, 5x112 right?

I see some 20" DPE GT7's in your future.
5x100 pimp

otherwise i would.
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