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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
sounds like you would do well at the DIY meets i have at my house once in a while. anyways off that list i can do suspension (shocks/springs/rear control arms/sways), front bumper/fogs, bleeding brakes (2 man). that's about it lol

anyways stuff that i can do that you didn't list (besides the stuff that you can do, cause i can do it too lol):
belts/pulleys (everything but underdrive, too messy)/tensioner (mechanical)
window regulators
taking off tint (except for rear window)
most things lighting/electrical related
rear bumper
exhaust (from headers back like tse3)
basic speakers install
install hoods/trunks (CF/FG with dremeling work)
install new seats
alternator replacement
valve gasket
install ssk

iono what else. but if there's anything i haven't done, i'm always up to try it lol

i think my friend is going to get a new fuel pump soon, so once i do that, i'll add that to the list of stuff i can do i guess.
cool yeah if you ever have a DIY meet up let me know I'll stop by and help even if I don't need any thing. I've done Headlights and reset SES lights with other members here.

I'm replacing my M style bumper with a mint one, and need to wire fogs as well as replace mirrors for next upgrade. I'm driving to SD to DDM probably Friday morning to get the bumper, fogs, corners, mirrors. It would be cool to get some help with that, I never could even get my old fogs to work and they seemed to be wired correctly? I think I can handle it but haven't done the DIY's yet. Thanks for reply.

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