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hi... try this:

1. Turn Radio Off.
2. Turn Radio On.
3. Press and hold the "m" button for about 10 seconds.
4. Press < or > to navigate, you will need to go to the 2nd screen to look for the SW Version which is in a SV xx-xx xx format.

Your software version must be 43 or higher to support a direct aux-in cable. SW version is the last 2 numbers in the "SV xx-xx xx" format.

If your SW is lower than 43, there are other ways to get aux-in such as splicing into your CD changer cabling or using an aftermarket device (e.g. DICE / Blitzsafe / Grom) that takes over your CD changer port. This can be done at either at the HU end or in your trunk, depending on if you have a changer / pre-wiring in place at the moment.

HTH and good luck

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