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Originally Posted by ferrarix99 View Post
yeaaaa, so i put on headers and im in this boat.

where can we get an h-pipe or would an x suffice, ive seen one on ebay for 40
No idea, I'm probably gonna do exhaust next... keep us posted with how it works out for you if that's the route you go though. I saw a few people who have gone with the Rogue Ikon and it's improved the sound quite a bit.

Originally Posted by turbo a4 View Post
Is the exhaust tone noticeable or significantly deeper with the headers and stock exhaust? I'm looking into headers because i hear they provide more of a HP gain then an exhaust, so I would keep the stock exhaust as is.

Anyone have a sound clip of headers with the stock exhaust?
Ummm yeah it's in this thread If you do a search you'll find several others on the board too.

Originally Posted by Superhiro View Post
Ok, I just took this video a few minutes ago. This is after an almost 30 min ride to work and the car has warmed up. It is also not under load so it does NOT have the same tone you hear while driving. IF it were always like this, I would be fine with it.

My little P&S camera didn't really capture how loud it really is either. I'll try to get a better vid soon.

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