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Yes, this would work. I've had two different setups which would allow this to work.

1. Setup number one was with an aftermarket Pioneer CD changer. I hooked it up with a PAC interface unit that allow it to connect to the factory cd changer wires. It also had a handy feature of an aux input built in, and had a wire that, when grounded, would enable the aux in feature and turn off the changer. I hooked up a simple switch that turned the aux on/off and it all worked perfectly.

2. Setup number 2 actually stemmed from issue I was having with my factory SIRIUS and DICE, in which my DICE had noise whenever the SIRIUS unit was on at the same time. I ended up creating a "splitter" off the IBUS wires, so that both units were plugged into the wires at the same time, then I cut the power wire going to the SIRIUS unit and installed a switch inline that would cut power to it on/off. Thus, I had both DICE and SIRIUS but didn't have to go through the noise-prone SIRIUS slave port.

If your wanting to run a factory changer as well as something like the Blitzsafe aux adapter, you would want to do something similar to setup 2. What you would need to do is get one of those SIRIUS slave cables (someone posted a link to get one for like 15 dollars I think), and cut the ends off, thus you will have extra 3 and 6 pin connectors to use. You would splice this into the appropriate wires in the 6 and 3 pin bundles so that you'd end up with a forked cable with 2 connectors for each fo the 3 and 6 pin spots. You'd then rig up a switch like I did to cut power to one while the other is powered on, and your switching would work like you want.


If you scroll down to the bottom of that thread page you will see where I posted pics of my switch.
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