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Originally Posted by fmzip View Post
I think this discussion or rasp/tone is very subjective, particularly depending on your age.

When I was in my early twenties, the louder the better. At 43, it's a different story all together.

It would probably be best to post your age with your response in threads like these. May give some better guidance to solutions for ears of varying ages!

I have a set of Technik Gen2 headers sitting in my garage still for this very reason......
I'm 28 and although the sound of the rasp is great at lower RPM's at WOT it sounds terrible IMO. It gets very tinny and annoying.

Originally Posted by toastygt30r View Post
When I first installed my headers I did it with my stock exhaust. Then I purchased the Einsman exhuast and it sounds fine. Also with the lights. We moved the O2 sensors further down my exhaust line and it stoped throwing codes.
I've thought of that as well. I'll prob just get software and a new exhaust setup first though. Hopefully that will fix my rasp and CEL issue as well as a bit more powah
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