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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
I used Mobil 1 0w-40 at this oil change, and will send in a sample of that when I change it at 7500 miles.
Originally Posted by wasp9166 View Post
have you done one of m1 0w-40 b4? be interested in seeing the comparison
Nope, not yet. I just started using the Mobil 1. Will send in a sample after 7500 miles, should be a couple of months.

Originally Posted by fastmaxxcooper View Post
thats a pretty good idea. how much does an analysis cost like that? and do you just sent a quart of used oil to them?
$22.50 for the basic analysis, $10 more for the TBN which estimates the amount of useful additives left in your oil. When the additives run out, it's time for a change. So if you want to know if you can extend your oil changes, you have to get the TBN... so, $32.50.

They need about a half cup of oil. On their website you can request a sample-collection kit - they send the kit for free, you fill it up and send it back with your payment. You'll want to catch the oil mid-stream as it's draining out (don't worry, it's pretty easy). Don't get the first bit or the last bit that comes out, and don't send the stuff that has already gone into your catch pan.

My primary purpose was just to make sure my motor is wearing properly - no extra lead (bearings), aluminum (block, head, etc), or iron (valvetrain etc) in the oil. Also that it's running properly (insolubles) and no internal leaks (water/antifreeze). The TBN analysis was secondary; I don't really expect to extend my oil change interval from 7500 to 10000. My OCD likes to be able to match up the oil changes with the SIA in the dash, and 7500 works just fine for that.
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