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Brought Car Into Dealership

Brought my sons 2000 BMW 328ci into our local dealership for the inspection today. They found a crack - took pics, etc. And told us to find an auto body shop to fix it and find out about a rent a car because it's about a week long job. Pretty pissed off that they would just say to go to any auto body shop? But anyway called another BMW dealership about an hour away and they took a look at it too - couldn't find anything! They called the other dealership and they told them where to look - sure enough found the crack. They say it's a very small crack?? Sending us somewhere else for the repair? I'll keep you all posted as to the outcome! The 2nd dealer did say that BMW had been buying some of the vehicles back because they were so bad?? Kind of a huge hassle - but we'll see what happens! Good luck all!
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