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Wow that looks pretty good.

If you can get away with 10k intervals, i'd do it. There's an SAE paper that shows decreased levels of wear as oil ages, up to a certain point of course. In your case, this point is obviously beyond 7500 miles. Of course, still send in the M1 at 7500 for comparison purposes.

As you can see from my UOA, the M1 is less resistant to shearing. It starts out at a 14 though, so it has room to fall.

So far, from the analyses i've seen, it seems like BMW oil or GC (castrol syntec 0w-30) are the best choices for the e46 engines. Both oils are nearly identical in viscosity, and are showing more stability than the M1.

PS - I'll be sending in another sample of 0w-40 soon, at around 8k miles before i switch to GC. I'll post it up as soon as i get it.
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