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Originally Posted by shortyb View Post
Looks good so far. One thing to keep in mind is that if you do an analysis right after changing to M1, there will be a residual effect from the BMW oil. Best to do a complete interval with the M1 before having it analyzed (second interval with M1) so it doesn't skew any results. Changing to different oils with differing basestocks, additives etc, can cause a cleaning of residual metals and dirt that could be misinterpreted as abnormal wear or oil incompatibility. Best to give it a chance to settle in before doing another UOA.

BTW, do you live near the ocean?
Thanks for the advice, point well taken.

I wasn't too worried about mixing the minimal amount of remaining BMW 5w-30 with the new fill of M1 0w-40, but I hadn't thought about the possible detergent effect of the different oil. I'll wait for the second drain to send in a sample of the M1 - probably about 7-8 more months with my usual driving habits, though I'll probably rack up 2500 miles in June alone.

I don't live particularly near the ocean - it's at least ten miles to the nearest salt water and that's a little inlet run by the Port of Tampa. The nearest decent beach is at least 30 miles away, unless you count the crappy dredged-up-beaches on the sides of the Courtney-Campbell Causeway.
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