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mini-DIY Dip stick guide o-ring replacement

Back story to this DIY is that I replaced the CRANKCASE-VENTILATION/OIL SEPARATOR but in the process incorrectly replaced this O-ring, which lead to further oil leaks from where the dipstick guide enters the oil pan. It took me a while to figure it out that I screwed up the o-ring replacement at that time. When I recently removed the dipstick guide no o-ring was there. Ugh... Its been leaking oil at that spot for the past 40,000 miles. My mistake the first time around was that I seated the o-ring into the oil pan hole, then pushed the dipstick guide in, which always chops that o-ring.

Use the following mini-DIY at your own risk.

This is a guide to replace just the o-ring on the end of the dip stick guide that goes into the oil pan.

Buy a couple of the o-rings. They are easy to tear and cheap.

Part for 330ci:

Parts referenced in DIY:

1. Dip stick guide is Number 9 :

Follow other DIY's to get to the dip stick guide.

Before removing the dipstick guide clean around the hole and dip stick. After removing the dipstick guide, clean around the hole and dip stick guide.

1. Remove old o-ring. Look on the dip stick guide and oil pan hole.

*Reminder to clean oil pan hole and dip stick guide.

2. Use Vaseline and lube the new o-ring and dip stick guide
3. Put o-ring on to the dip stick guide up to the built in bump stop.
4. Insert the dip stick guide carefully back into the engine. When you are near the bump stop you will feel some minor resistance, then you will feel the o-ring slip/pop in.
5. As best as you can, look around the dipstick guide and hole, to see that it is seated properly.

Please post any suggestions or corrections
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