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Not yet convinced the axles are terminal when you experience vibration.
For me the vibration was first noticed 3(!!) years ago, on a freeway incline after a 150 mi flat freeway drive. The vibration was quite surprising - and especially mysterious in that it disappeared. When I first felt it, it was just like my center bearing failures on my 67 BMW 1600. Being an intermittent problem - only showing up on longer trips that involved mountainous freeway travel - I was questioning whether it was a mechanical problem, and being intermittent it's damn hard to diagnose.
At the moment I'm subscribing to the theory that the joints overheat - due to lack of, or diminished, lubrication. If repacking the CV joint increases lubrication, then the CV ought not overheat. And finally because in daily driving there is no vibration or clicking, that the overheating in the past has not caused any permanent damage.
As for more intensive fixes - I've seen ads for repairing just the joint, I've seen many posts complaining about non-OEM axle replacements having new and different vibration issues, and finally the OEM replacement - which except for the cost has a lot of happy customers.
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