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I think I may have a similar problem. I don't have a loud bang, but whenever I go over bumps or turn a low speed I get almost a creaking from the front like something is loose and moving around, and I have the same wobble in the steering wheel around 55-70mph, only at cruising not accel/decel. I did my struts, springs, etc last fall (garaged for winter), and brakes, HD FCABs, Meyle HD control arms and tie rods this spring. The wobble and noise started after the control arms and FCABs, I've had it aligned twice and had the tie rods changed. Next I'm am looking to get my wheels rebalanced and checked for warping. I've read a bit here and there thru the forum, but haven't found much with the noise over bumps etc with the wobble. I've had the Control Arms replaced before and mostly it was a wobble at slower speeds.
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