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Originally Posted by ShaitanCR View Post
actually... I found out later that the A/C was not blowing cold. so i went back to the cables and to my deslike, the A/C compressor cable must be connected to another cable which makes the doors not open with the key buttons. and at the same time to have both those they must be connected to one of the radio cables that makes the radio stay on.

soooooooooo. I am back to step one. put the k-bus back together and am with no radio.

I wish their was a eurotech shop on SoCal.

thanks for all your help. I feel better now knowing allot more, and with all the little BMW perks back in the car.
Sounds like your cluster is causing you the issue. If you have a good indy near you you may want to have them recode the cluster and IHKA and see if that fixes your issue it won't hrt to try for 50-60

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