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Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
Your car looks like every other stock, basic, boring audi B6 A4 loaner car that I see go out of the local Audi dealership. Not to mention its silver. Audi must get silver paint cheaper than other colors since its on every boring A4 I see. Its alright i guess since its paid off, but its nothing compared to a B5, B8 or even the boring B7. The B6 body style is so blah, not to mention they had a bunch of problems. Just wait till you roll your window down and then it doesnt come back up. Or wait till you rub the rubber off the a/c, or stereo buttons. Or even better when your HID's go out all the time. Also the 1.8T motor rated at 170hp and 160tq is absolute garbage (even with a giac, revo, apr or whatever flash) Not to mention the cars 3400+ pound curb weight!!! I think a hummer H2 has better power to weight ratio. It needs alot of work to be even remotely fast but then you run into EVEN MORE problems. At least you dont have to worry about the audi dealer voiding your warranty if you did mod it since it probably doesnt have one. Oh well, I guess its alright if you into that sort of thing. I just think the owner is a douche, from personal experience. But im done. good luck on the car. no hard feelings

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