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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post
thanks for your input. really shows your maturity.

and getting power out of a 1.8t is pretty easy

but the 1.8t motor is out and im making room for the 2.7TT 6 cyl.

but your acs lip, volks WITH A RED TIME ATTACK, vorsteiner hood BLAH BLAH BLAH, looks like any other e46. im sorry you got so butthurt about it.

and you want to talk to me about reliability problems? your driving a BMW you dumbass.

and there are 1.8t 4 CYLINDERS MOTORS running BAT setups getting down over 500 to all wheels. thats up there with your 6 cylinder.

i could care less about the engine. im pretty sure my 323 got more looks than your cookie cutter m3. im glad you decided to dig up this thread though.
did I hurt your feelings? sorry. Common how do drive a silver b6 a4 and call my car cookie cutter? sure its not the most unique, but common SILVER AUDI A4 WITH STOCK WHEELS? Thats fine if my car is cookie cutter, but what is yours?

back to your car... dont try and bs me about the power audi can make AND the reliablity they have. My best friends all have B5 S4's and they ARE FAST, but are not reliable. Not to mention 2 of them are master techs at the local audi dealership. Not to mention the bmw guys hang out with the audi guys and we all tell each other our car problems. Also my audi's (yes both the ones i used to have) were garbage, stock or modified!!! Audi reliability is garbage and so is bmw's, but my bmw making WAAAYYYYY more power than my audi's have broke down maybe 1/6 of the time my audi's did.

Lastly IF swap out your 1.8T for a 2.7TT, you will have to build the motor to SAFELY make 500awhp. Dont BS me thinking I know nothing about audis. Just because you read on a forum some guy made 500awhp once doesnt mean you can do it too and its easy or cheap. Stage 3 B5 S4's make 400-450awhp SAFELY WITHOUT a built motor, anything over that wont last very long
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