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Originally Posted by ngng View Post
people overuse the term sponsor, unless you're getting it free, again, which I doubt you are, you should have just kept your other car

btw, you are putting on some larger fenders, I wouldn't call it a widebody

how much are payments on a 2000 323i...
323ci. and they were 300 a month including 100 for insurance and my credit card payment. my dad now pays insurance and my cc is paid off.

no its not 100% but im not dumb enough to waste all my money on my car. believe me, i have money to do all the things i need to. car modding is a hobby. i could care less how long it takes to build this car. its something i like to do in my free time.

yes i am doing a full metal widebody. i also know how to weld.

and yes, some products i do get free

any other questions? youll see proof soon enough
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