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Do something different? LOL!!! YOU HAVE A BASIC SILVER B6 A4!!! Its the entry level car audi makes! When that car was out, it was a loaner car and a rental car at the local audi dealer. For $35 a day anyone could be as cool as you driving around a silver B6 A4. LOL. Not to mention the special leases audi had on them when they were new at $2000 down payment and $199/month plus tax. ROFLMFAO!!!! That means there are about 100 times more of them on the road than a E46 M3 and you are telling me to do something different? You are driving a very very very mass produced car. LOLLOLOLOLOL Everything you are planning to do has already been done. Widebody - been done, big wheels - been done, 600+ hp - been done, custom paint - been done, suspension - been done, ICE - been done. No matter what you do to your car someone else already has done it, and done it nicer becuase theres always someone with more time and money than you, same thing with my car. Not that my car is rare or anything (not that I said it was) but common a silver B6 A4 LOL!!! And just because something is "different" doesnt make it nice. Whatever man just keep telling yourself your car is the best A4 out there.
ill read this later

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since im a Vegas man, odds are your car has a better chance of being "different than any other B6 A4 ever made" than you making it into the pros and thats a FACT
fool you have never seen me play. talk about assumptions. ive played every sport there is from hockey to basketball to soccer and im going on my 17th year of baseball. please look me up in newspapers in palmdale california. been in there dozens of times along with most of the homerun records in this valley. dont even go there

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nice ride homie
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nice J, can't wait to see what you got planned for the ride.....also never knew you played b-ball.......what position do you play?
im an outfielder man
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