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Originally Posted by TopazKD View Post comon... another ///m driver got pissy, cause someone made fun of him on internet
no shiet......

Hey Jeremy,

what did you say to M3 Guy to make him hate on you so hard? Sounds like Internet is serious business to him! Damn foo, hes just coming out of nowhere talking ****......

Hey M3 guy, smoke a bowl and calm down, ur acting like he called your mom or sister out....LOL...

Originally Posted by yellowssm View Post
I just remember looking at a TOTALLY DIFFERENT thread and you coming in there first and start bagging on my car AND me for no reason when that thread wasnt even about me or my car. YOU were the one getting all tough guy on the internet for NO REASON calling me names and all that BS for NO REASON. Sucks huh when someone does it to you too?
You sound like a little byatch, get over it...Its only the internet.

And who cares what your daddy has, it aint yours. Thats like saying my dad will kick your dads a55. Who cares?
Also you got bigger things going on like trying to be a cheap ass and asking people on the forum how to spend $300 on your girlfriends anniversary. Why dont you man up and figure it out yourself? How about that for BIGGER THINGS? And dont tell me about taste in cars... Whenever you like, we can put a poll on audizine, audiworld, vwvortex, you can pick the audi or vw website on which car they would rather have a B6 A4 or a E46 M3 or your B6 A4 and my E46 M3 and see which one THOSE AUDI AND VW GUYS PICK. Taste...please... you should think about what you say before you say it...
If youre talking about website polls to see which car internet queers think is best, then you really are immature...WTF is this? HS? And since you're talking stuff other than cars, you must be spending alot of time looking up his old threads and reading them, just to have shiet to call him on...Damn, that really sounds like HS....
"livin the fast life and fast cars, everywhere we go people know who we are"
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I hate JDM Rice trends on BMW's

Originally Posted by J4K2onE46 View Post
times are changing indeed...

:facepalm: @ this forum


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